Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Knit a Lacy Scarf, with a Crocheted Border

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I will be showing you how to knit a lacy scarf, which has a crocheted border around it. It is very light and delicate and is soft and comfortable to wear. I hope you enjoy making it. Feel free Like me on Facebook -

This is made with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable – Cappaccino – yarn size is a 4
Knitting Needles size 5mm or size 8
K = knit          K3tog =knit 3 together       P = Purl    yon = yarn over needle   * *= knit what is in between the stars and repeat that till the end
Ch = chain     dc = double crochet
A. Cast on a multiple of 6 plus 2 stitches, I casted on 30 plus 2 = 32 total
1. K1,* k3, yon, k3tog, yon,*, rep to last stitch, k1  (this row don’t forget that yon before you knit the last stitch)
2. Purl
3. k1, *yon, k3tog, yon, k3* rep to last stitch, k1
4. Purl
Rows 1-4 are the pattern that you keep repeating till your scarf is as long as you want it be.
5. All 4 rows shown on video in a quick version
6. Undoing/unpicking a few rows without pulling off all the stitches off the needle

CROCHETING THE BORDER – using a 5mm hook – crochet loosely
7. Start in any corner and ch5, *dc, ch2* in the holes, when you get to a corner do a few extra dc, ch2 (I did about 2 in each corner) – it depends on the yarn you used and the size hook, do it fairly loose though. Go all the way around.
8. When you get to the ch5 you started with, do ch3 and ss into the 3rd ch.

9. Ch3, 1dc in the ch sp, 1dc in the dc from previous row, *1dc in the ch sp,1 dc in the dc from previous row* repeat all the way around. If your corners pull then do extra dc’s in the corner.

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