Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Crochet a Hat using Motifs

Hi there, 
In this video I will be showing you how to crochet a hat in cotton using 4 motifs and then finishing the top portion. I hope you enjoy.

The Pattern is Here:
I used red heart cotton no 3 and a size 3.5mm hook

Sc = single crochet,  Dc = double crochet,  Sp = space,  Tr = treble,  St = stitch, 
Ch = chain,  * * =repeat work in between the stars,  Tog = together,  yo – yarn over, ss = slip stitch

5 Treble Together = *Wrap yarn around hook x2, insert hook into st (read pattern for either same st or into the next st), yarn over, bring a loop thru, yarn over, thru 2 loops, thru 2, leave rest on hook*, repeat till 5 trebles done, yarn over and thru all remaining loops.

This hat has 4 squared motifs that are joined together to start with and then the top portion is worked with 1 motif.
So we start by making one full motif and then we join a motif to that one and then another motif and then the 4th one is joined to the first and last motif so we have a circle.

Motif 1 is made completely.
Motif 2 and motif 3 are made with 2 corners and are joined to opp motif with 3rd and 4th corner.
Motif 4 is made with row 5 and then 1st corner is attached to motif 3 and 2nd corner is attached to motif 3, 3rd corner to motif 1 and 4th corner to motif 1 to form a tube.
1 complete motif
1.Make  a magic circle with 18sc in it, ss into 1st sc
2.Ch8 (1st 3ch stand for 1st dc), skip 2sc and dc in the 3rd sc, *ch5, 1dc in the 3rd sc* (ending with 6 ch spaces) finishing with ch5, ss into 3rd ch
3. In each ch sp you do *1sc, 1hdc, 2dc, 3Tr, 2dc, 1hdc, 1sc* repeat this in each ch sp ( petals) and ss into 1st stitch
4.Ch1, 1ss in 1st sc, *ch1, 1ss in next st* (so you are doing 1Slip Stitch (not single crochet) in each stitch with a ch1 in between, ss into 1st st.
5.Ss your way up to the middle of the 3Tr,* ch10 and sc in the ‘dip’ (where you did sc in previous round), ch10, sc in the middle of the 3Tr* ending with ch10 and ss into the first set of ch10  (12  ch spaces now)
6. Ss into 1st ch sp, Ch 4, 4Tr Tog, ch5, 5Tr Tog, ch5, 5Tr tog, in the same sp,
   * Ch5, sc in next ch sp, ch 5 in next ch sp, ch5, 5Tr tog, ch 5, 5Tr tog, ch5, 5 Tr tog* repeat to end,  finishing with ch 5 and ss into the 3rd chain of the beginning chains made (4 corners made)

( Now we will make another motif and we will join motifs 1 and motif 2
We make another motif and we will join motif 2 and 3
We make another motif and we will join motif 4 to motif 3 and motif 1)
7. Start your 2nd motif and do 2 corners, then do the first 5 Tr Tog of corner 3, then you ch3 and sc into the 1st motifs corner, ch2, 5Tr tog in 1st motif, ch3,
 sc in opp motifs ch sp, ch2,
5Tr tog, ch3,
 sc into opp motif, ch2,
 sc into motif, ch3,
 sc into opp motif, ch2,
 sc into motif, ch3,
 sc into opp motif, ch2,
 5Tr tog into motif, ch3,
Sc into opp motif, ch2
5 Tr Tog into motif ch3
Sc in opp motif, ch2
5Tr Tog in motif, ch5, sc into ch sp, ch5, sc into ch sp, ch5,  ss into top of 5tr cluster.
8. Do No 7 again with the 3rd motif – in the video I had already done it

JOINING THE 4 MOTIFS TOGETHER TO FORM A CIRCLE – motif 4  to motif 3 and motif 1
9. Make sure your wrong sides are together and you are working on the right side
You will join this 4th motif onto both motifs (3 and 1) so all 4 corners will be joined together.
Make sure you have 12 ch spaces on the 4th motif.  You will not complete the first 2 corners on this motif. You will complete row 5 and then, ss into the ch sp, (making first corner and joining to opp motif) make the 1st 5 tr tog and join to opp motif as we did before to make a corner, join your 2 ch sp like we did before and join your next corner, join another 2 ch spaces and join your next corner onto the very first motif to make a circle. Make sure your wrong sides are together and you are working on the right side, join your 2 ch spaces, join last corner, and then finish your last 2 ch sp with a ch5 sc, ch5 sc, ss into top of 5 tr tog

Top Part of Hat
1. Start at the top or bottom of the tube and ss into any one of the ch spaces
2. Ch 5, sc in the next ch sp, do this all the way around so you have 24 ch spaces
3. Sc into 1st ch sp, *5 Tr Tog ( in the beginning you always do this -  Ch 4 (1st tr), 5ch*, to the end (end with ch 5) and you have 24  5 tr clusters
4. ss into top of 1st tr you made, 3sc in each of the ch spaces all the way around
5. Ss into the 1st sc, *ch 5, skip one tr cluster and sc into the next sc above the cluster*, all the way around and you should have 12 ch spaces now, end with ch5
6. ss into the first stitch, sc in the first ch sp. Don’t end yarn just stop and start the motif with new yarn - make the flower from the motif – row 1- 5 but in row 5 instead of ch10 you are only going to do ch 6.
7. Go back to your hat and start where you left off  Ch 2, sc in the motif, ch2, sc in hat’s next ch sp,* ch 2, sc in motif’s next ch sp, ch 2, sc in hat’s next ch sp* rep this till flower is attached. You have 12 ch spaces on the motif and 12 ch spaces on your hat so there is one for each.
8. You should finish by going into the motif and then ch2 and go into the hat where you started your first ch 2, sc and end off.
9. Turn hat so you are working on the brim part. Join in any ch sp with a sc. 5 sc in each one of the ch spaces. If you need your hat a touch larger you can do 6 or 7 sc in each space.
10. Ss into your first sc, ch1, skip 1sc and sc in the next, 1 sc in the sc you missed (going backwards), *skip the next sc (forward) and sc in the next , sc in the one you missed (backwards)*
11. At the end if yours works out where you can skip one sc and sc into the one you missed then just sc in the next forward one and finish off with a ss. If you didn’t end with one left to skip just do another sc and ss into next stitch and finish off.

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