Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to Crochet a Hair Scrunchy


Hi there,
I decided to try my hand at making a hair scrunchy and it turned it very well and I love wearing it.  I thought you might like to try it, so here is the video.  Have fun.  Here is the video on how to make it.

Sc = single crochet,  Dc = double crochet,  Sp = space,  Tr = treble,  St = stitch, 
Ch = chain,  * * = work all in between the stars,  Tog = together,  yo – yarn over, ss = slip stitch

Get yourself an elastic.  I used embroidery cotton and a 3.5mm crochet hook.

Make a slip knot and join to elastic with sc, make as many sc around the elastic as you need.  I made 50.  Make them fairly tight and close together.
1.    Ss in the 1st st, *ch6, treble in the same st,ch6 and sc in the same st, skip next st and sc in next st* rep all around to last stitch and sc in the last stitch and change colors

2.    Start in any of the ch spaces with a sc, *ch3, sc in the next ch sp* repeat to end

Bye for now

Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Crochet a Sleeveless Jacket Part 3

 Hi there everyone,

This is the last part of the Sleeveless Jacket Series.  I hope that you have enjoyed these videos and have managed to create your own jacket!

Remember it is best to work with the written instructions and the video together.

Here are the instructions and the video is below:

Armhole Edging

Pick up less stitches than more all around the armhole.  Crochet with your work on the right side.
Start under the armhole in the middle and pick up stitches.  Remember how many stitches you picked up on the one side so you can do the same on the other side.
My total for the armhole was 88 stitches, 44 on each side.

Once you have your total amount on slip stitch into the 1st stitch.
1.    Ch5, skip one stitch and dc in next stitch,* ch2, skip a stitch, dc in next st* to end, ch2  and ss into 3rd ch
2.    Ch5, Decrease (dc behind the post of the 1st dc, but don’t complete the dc, dc around the post of the next dc, do half of your dc and then go thru all the loops left on the hook), Then* ch2, dc behind the post of the next dc*, keep doing between the stars to the last 2 dc and Decrease those two like you did in the beginning, ch 2 and ss into 3rd chain.
3.    Ch5, Decrease 1st two posts,* ch2, dc behind the post of next dc* to the last 2 posts, decrease those 2, ch2 and ss into the 3rd ch.

FRONT – pick up an even number of stitches

Pick up your stitches like you did for the armhole, less is better.  I did 106 on the one side, 36 across the neck and 106 on the other side. Pick them up with your work facing you.

1.    Ch5, *skip a stitch, dc in next stitch, ch 2* do to end, end with dc, Turn
2.  ch5, skip a stitch dc behind the post, *ch2, skip a stitch, dc behind the post* repeat to the ch5 and do a dc in the 3rd ch, Turn
3. Ch3, sc in first ch sp, ch3, sc in same sp, ch3, sc in same sp,
     Sc in next ch sp
    * Sc in next ch sp, ch3, sc in same ch sp, ch3, sc in same ch sp, ch3, sc in same sp* repeat to end

Bottom edging of your garment

Ch1 to start your work

Shell stitch

1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 2Tr, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc all in the same space

Do this stitch in each ch space

Sew in yarn threads and Congratulations you are done!

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed these videos and have created a beautiful garment!  Please join me in my next video.