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How To Crochet a Motif Sweater

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I have made this Sweater/Jersey using a whole bunch of the same motif. Below is a Schematic of the whole sweater laying flat, to give you an idea of how the motifs lie together to form the sweater.


Red Heart Shimmer pink 4 balls, 2 white, 2 black -  depending on size
Crochet hook 3.75mm (I used a smaller hook as I wanted my motif slightly smaller an my work to be tighter. If you want motif bigger use a bigger hook and yarn and opp for smaller.

Sc = single crochet,  Dc = double crochet,  Sp = space,  Tr = treble,  St = stitch, 
Ch = chain,  * * =repeat work in between the stars,  Tog = together,  yo – yarn over, ss = slip stitch

3 Treble Together = *Wrap yarn around hook x2, insert hook into st (read pattern for either same st or into the next st), yarn over, bring a loop thru, yarn over, thru 2 loops, thru 2, leave rest on hook*, repeat till 3 trebles done, yarn over and thru all remaining loops.

Small (large) will be shown like this

HOW MANY MOTIFS made all together(48 for the small and 72 for the large - according to the chart, if you make the sleeves longer like mine and the length longer you will use more.

1.Make a magic circle with 16 dc in it, or ch4 and do 15dc in the 1st ch (the 3ch would stand as 1st dc), ss into the 1st space
2. Ch5 (which stands for 1dc, ch2), 1dc in the same space, ch2, *1dc in the next space,  ch2 * repeat in each ch sp to end, ending with ch2, ss into 3rd ch  (16dc all together)
3. Ss into the 1st ch sp, ch 4, 2 tr tog (makes 3 tr tog) in the same sp, 4ch, *3Tr Tog, 4 ch in the next sp* to end, ch4 and ss into the top of the 3tr tog (16 clusters), Sc into the 1st ch sp with new color *white)
4. 4sc in each ch sp all the way around, sc into 1st sc , with new color and for the 1st motif only you will do a complete round in your black without joining, after that you will be joining your motifs
5. 1st motif only =* 6ch, sc in the stitch above the tr* all the way around (16 ch sp) ss into 1st st
We will join a row of motifs together one underneath each other. 8(9) motifs one under each other.
Remember you are working with either 4 loops or 2 loops
6. To join, you ch3, sc in opp motifs ch sp, ch3 and sc in the 1st motif, do this with 4 loops and then finish your motif by ch6 sc in the 1st motif  THIS YOU ONLY DO FOR YOUR 1st 2 Motifs joined together
7. For the long strip you start with you will join 8 (9) motifs.

  FOR THE REST OF THE MOTIFS in the strip - Make sure you join them in the right place Opposite the other 4 joined with 4 loops on either side.


The small sweater needs to watch everything to know what to do. I have one piece that is just for the small but all the rest shows you how to join and do the neck whether large or small

PART 2 – remember your front and back are all done in one piece. You make one long strip of 8(9) motifs first and then you start joining the others
8. Joining the First Middle one
9. Joining the longer bottom one
10. Joining 3 together
11. If you look at the schematic. The large has 9 motifs joined tog lengthwise and then 10 motifs and then 5 and 5 and then 10 and 9 motifs
The Small has 8 motifs lengthwise, 4 and 4 and 8 again UNLESS you are making yours longer.
12. Small only
13. Large only
14.  Joining the longest motif in middle row – you do the 4(5) motifs on the one side, turn your work around and do the other 4(5) on the other side leaving the space in the middle for your neck
15. Recap of joining 3 motifs
16. A few mistakes that can be made
17. Joining 4th row (row after the middle row – middle only has 4(5) going up and a space and then from the other side you do the other 4(5) and this row you have 8(10) motifs
18. A mistake I made and how to fix it!
19. How to do the straight row of motifs, going past  the 4(5) you did for the neck
20. Very Important part here – joining the straight row of motifs by the neck
21. Quick look at the small and finishing the body for both sizes

Part 3

1. Showing you how to put the motifs together for the sleeves for the Small
2. Showing you how to put the motifs together for the sleeves for the Large
3. Small and Large how to join the motifs for sleeve. We are doing the sleeve flat and then folding the top in half and sewing the sides together
4. Folding Sweater in half
5. Sewing the sides and you would sew the sleeves the same way
6. Adding on extra motifs to the sleeve, if you need more (it is done in the round and not flat
7. Adding extra motifs on the bottom of your sweater
8. Quick Tips  - WHEN YOU ADD extra motifs on the bottom of sweater REMEMBER to crochet the 2 sides (Front and Back) together else you have to sew them together at the end
9. Neck Border
10. Sleeve Border

You can make either the sleeve border or the neck border for the bottom of your sweater.

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