Friday, December 9, 2016


Choose what template you are going to use, whether it is a sewing pattern, a top that you have cut out, or a top that you are going to crochet on top of.

Then you need to decide what yarn and hook you are wanting to use for your project.
I am use Peaches and Cream Cotton in white, which is a medium size 4, and a size 6.5mm crochet hook which is bigger than required but I want a looser, lacy look.

I am also using embroidery cotton with a size 2.75mm crochet hook.
I am using a little hook to sew onto the bracelet to hook onto the other side

picot = 3ch, 1sc into the 1st ch

Once you have decided on what yarn you are using and you have your pattern ready you can start crocheting. Start anywhere on your pattern and take the plunge and just go for it.  You can start with the motif I am using and then branch out, or you can start your own design. You just have to start somewhere and do whatever stitches you feel like. You can turn your work around and work on the other side, you can go up a side and down a side you can make a long chain and work back on it. You can make a circle and then branch out from there. You can start a straight row and then branch out and go in whichever direction you are wanting to.
Once you feel you are ready to pin it onto your pattern you can go ahead and pin it on (it is just easier working without it pinned onto your pattern initially) Just make sure that you don't go too big and that you have worked past the borders of your pattern. If you did then you can use the one side and fold the other side and use it on the other side.
Once you have pinned it onto the pattern you can work a piece and then pin that piece on and then continue working and pinning as you go. Staying in your borders complete one side and then you can either turn over your pattern and work the other side and then sew your sides together or you can do it the way I show you in the lesson where you work the other side onto the 1st side all in one go.
Once you have completed the whole garment you can take the pins out.

dc = double crochet      *  *  rep what is in between the stars
sc = single crochet        st = stitch
ss = slip stitch               sp = space
ch = chain                      cnr = corner

REMEMBER - the numbers on the video correspond to the numbers on the written pattern.


1.  Ch6, ss into the 1st stitch, ch1, 12sc in the ring, ss into the 1st ch
2. Ch3, 1dc in next st,* ch5, 1dc in each of the next 2 st* repeat between stars until you have 6 petals, ending with ss into the first ch of the beg ch3 you made. 2ss between the 2dc you had made and 1ss into the ch space
3. * ch3, 4dc in that 1st ch sp, 1 picot, 4dc in same ch sp, ss into the next ch sp* repeat between the stars to the end and ss to the beg st


1.  Ch 5, ss into 1st ch
2.  Ch3, 8dc in the circle = 9dc, ss into the top of the ch3
3.  Ch3, skip 1dc and 1dc into the next, *ch2, 1dc in the next st,* rep between stars ending with a ss into the top of the ch3
4.  Ch3, 1dc in the first space, ch2,* 2dc, 2ch* repeat to end, ss to beg ch3
5.  Ch3, 2dc in the middle of the 2dc, *ch2, 3dc in the middle of the next 2dc* to end, ending with a ch2 and ss into beg stitch
6.  Ch3, 1dc in the next dc, *4ch, 1dc in the next dc
Before you start your border you will want to fold your work in half, sleeve to sleeve so you can see if your sides are equal. If you find that your sides are not equal or the neck is not equal on both sides, you can join in your yarn and add more stitches until you match the two sides and you are basically even.

Then you can start your border. You can make any type of border you want to. You can make a very uneven border or a bit more precise as I have done.  Try your garment on to make sure you are making your border the way you want it to be. You might want to do more than one row to bring it in more or you might just want one row.

BORDER - right side of work facing you
You can find the half way point on your neck and make sure that you have the same amount of stitches on the one side versus the other to give you an equal neck border.

7.  Ch4, *1dc, ch1* repeat this all the way around, using your initiative as to having them spaced out equally and that your work is not pulling and is laying flat.  Feel free to do whatever you want to here. You can use hdc or you can do 3dc and then ch1 etc this is free form and you can do what you are wanting to as there is no pattern to follow.

8. Reverse Single Crochet the next row. Ch1,* 1sc backwards in 1st ch sp, 1sc backwards in the same place*

9. The sleeve borders are done the same way as the neck border. Remember that you need to make sure that both sleeves have the same amount of stitches on them to have your two sleeves equal
10. To start your border at the bottom of your garment you want to find the spot under the armhole and then go down from there to the edge where you will start your border.
Ch4, stretch your ch so that it lays flat and then sc in to the stitch where the ch 4 is laying flat, so ch4, 1sc all the way around and ss into the 1st ch sp.
11. Ch3, 2dc in the same place, ch4, picot (sc into the 1st ch of the ch4), 3dc in the same ch sp, *3dc, ch 4 sc into the 1st ch, 3dc all in the same space, 1sc in the next sp

Embroidery Floss, and a 2.75mm crochet hook

We are doing our bracelet in rows and we are keeping the same amount of stitches the whole way. This is very important else you will end up with an odd shape.

12. crochet 12 ch plus 1 to turn
13.  Skip the 1st ch and 1sc in each of the next 12ch (go loosely)
14.  Ch3, turn your work around, 1dc in each of the next 12 stitches, changing your color in last stitch
15.  Ch3, turn work around and start free forming
BORDER for bracelet
16. 4dc tog, ch2, repeat this around keeping them fairly equal

17. Ch5, ss into the 1st ch, forming a ring.  ch1, 10sc in the ring, ss into the 1st st

18. *Ch3, 2dc in the same place, ch3, ss into the next st, ss into the next st*, repeat in between the stars till you have 5 petals. Ss into last st and finish off


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