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 Remember that the numbers on the video correspond to the numbers on the written pattern.

 Stitches used dc = double crochet * * rep what is in between the stars sc = single crochet st = stitch ss = slip stitch sp = space ch = chain cnr = corner Beg ch3 = 1dc ch sp = chain space dc tog = double crochet together dtr = double treble = wrap yarn around your hook 3 times tr = treble = wrap yarn around your hook 2 times hdc = half a double crochet

  I am using Simply Soft Caron Yarn with a size 5:00mm crochet hook. For my size jacket I used 1 Skein in black, 1 in yellow, 1 in pink and 1 in blue and about 3-4 in white.

 We are making 49 motifs plus an extra 2 (one each for the shoulder) and another 4 to fill in at the bottom of jacket. So we have a total of 55 motifs. I am only making 1 size here which would be a medium to a large. If you want a larger size you can use a bigger crochet hook with thicker yarn or for a smaller size use thinner.


making our flower Only the 1st flower gets done totally, all the rest are joined as you go.

 1. Ch6, ss into the 1st ch to form a ring

 2. Ch3 (stands as 1st dc). 19 dc in the ring = 20dc all together, ss into the top of the 3ch and change your yarn color.

 3. *Ch 11, skip the 1st ch and do 1sc in the next ch (which is the 2nd ch from the hook) 1hdc in the next ch, 1dc, 1dc , 1Tr, 1Tr, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc, 1sc (1 in each of the 11ch) ss into your next stitch (on the black portion) and go into the back loop, and 1ss into the next, back loop * repeat this all the way around. Your slip stitches are done in the back loop. To finish the round, ss into the beg stitch and change colors. You should have 10 petals all together

 4. Restart on any petal and count 4 stitches up from bottom of petal and ss into the 4th stitch, 1sc in each of the next 6 stitches, 3sc in the top st (all 3 in the same st), 1sc in each of the next 7 stitches, 1sc into the 4th st from the bottom of the opp petal *1sc in each of the next 6 st, 3sc in the top st, 1sc down in each of the next 7 st, cross over to next petal and 1sc in the 4th st from the bottom of new petal* Repeat this for all 10 petals and end off with a ss into the 1st petals ss


 Looking at your chart, you can see the layout of the joining.
Start by joining a row straight down so you only join 2 petals on each motif first.
 You work the white the same way as your first motif but you have to remember to join.

 5. You will join two petals from the one flower onto the two petals from the other flower. In between them you have to have 3 petals. So you join 2, skip 3 and then join the other 2 leaving you with 3 petals. So in between your 2 petals you have 3 petals. To join you will go up 7sc to the top and then you have to make 1sc in the top of the opp petal, then come back to 1st flower and do 2sc in the top, then do 1sc in the opp petal (coming from under the stitch)

 Look at your motif picture and join the motifs accordingly

 6. Joining a motif onto 2 motifs 

 7. Different strategy to joining

 8. Another strategy to joining - you join in a pattern of 2 2 1 all the time or 1 2 2 or 2 1 2 it is all the same thing of 2 2 1 just depends on where you start in that sequence. You also have to have 3 petals in between the 2 joined on either side.   

9. Watch the beg of Part 2 to see the layout of the motifs to form your jacket.

 10. Turning fronts over and attaching motif

 11. Working on Left Hand Side (when jacket is on) 

 12. Look on your chart to see the back middle motif petal joins. There are 2 joins here, one for each of the 2 petals.

 13. Here you are adding the extra motif by the shoulder on the LHS and the RHS, watch video for the placement of these motifs. 

 14. RHS extra motif added by shoulder 

 15. Showing you how to join shoulder flower MAKING OUR SLEEVE BORDER

 16. Ch3, 1dc in each stitch, (skip the middle stitch in between your petals)

 17. Over the top of the petal do 3dc in the middle stitch, 1more dc and then cross over to the next petal and do 1dc 3dc in next st and 1 more dc and, do the same for the next petal, then keep doing 1dc in each stitch to beg and ss into 3rd ch 

 18. Ch3, turn your work and skip 2dc and ss into the 3rd dc, turn your work, 1dc into the next st, *1dc in each dc* repeat this until you get to the petals again. (don't go over them)

 19. Once you reach the petals skip 2 dc (that go up the petal) and ss into the next st, Ch3, skip 2 (up petal) and ss into the 3rd st, turn your work around and 1dc in the 1st st and 1dc in each dc until you reach the petals again, then you skip 2 (up petal) ss into the 3rd, ch3, skip 2 (up petal) ss into the 4rd, turn your work around, 1dc in the next and each of the next dc until you reach the petals again.

 20. Once again you will skip 2 (up petal) and ss into the 3rd (or into the 2nd), Turn (don't ch3 here) and do 1dc to the petals again. Do the same thing, skip 2dc up petal and ss into 2nd or 3rd one.

 21. Make sure Right side of work is facing you, ch3, 1dc in next, skip 1dc, *1dc in next 2dc, skip 1dc* repeat this all the way around till you get to the ch3 and ss into the top of the ch3,

 22. Ch3, 2dc in same place, ss into next st, skip 1 stitch, *3dc in next st, ss in the next, skip 1st* repeat


23. Adding the motifs to the bottom of the jacket.

24. Crocheting in between motifs. We are only filling in the big gaps, not the small ones.

25.  Start with any in between part and watch video to see where to start. There is no set pattern here. I am just going fairly free form for this.

Ch3, skip 1, 1dc in the next, you are doing this all the way around, 1dc, skip 1 but in between your petals you will make a Treble. Go all the way around and ss into beg ch3 or into the sp

26. Ch3, 1dc in each of the dc, except for in between the petals, you will skip one of those spaces and where the 2 petals meet, you will skip one of those (watch video) go all the way around and ss into beg 

27. Ch1, 1sc in each of the stitches all the way around, ss into beg

28.  Ch1, skip 1, 1sc *skip 1, 1sc* all the way around, ss into beg. End off


With the right side facing you, we are starting at the bottom of the jacket and going up towards the shoulders and neck, 

30. FIRST ROW:  Ch6, This stands for 1dc and ch3, Watch video for place to insert hook. You will be doing either a dc or a treble with 3ch in between. Watch video to see where to do which one 


32. Once you have finished row 1, ss into the 1st ch sp, CH3, 1dc in the 1st ch sp, ch3,  by your petals you will do 3dc tog in the next 3 ch spaces, ch3, 1dc in the next ch sp, Ch3, 3dc tog in the next 3ch sp (by the petals), ch3, 1dc, ch3, 3dc tog in the next 3ch sp, ch3, continue this pattern, where you have the 3ch sp in between the petals do them together, ch3, and then 1dc, ch3 where you don't have 3 together, all the way around.

33.  2ND ROW: 4dc in each ch space all the way around, ss into 1st st,

34.  Ch3, 1dc in each of the 4dc that you made (giving you 3dc) and skipping the stitch in between the group of 4dc all the way around

35. 1dc in each of the dc all the way around.

36.  Ch4, 1Tr in the next st, picot (ch3, 1sc in 1st ch), 2Tr Tog in the next 2 stitches, with a picot on top (see video at number 35, All the way around.



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