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How to Crochet a Granny Square Jacket


Caron Simply Soft Yarn
Hook 5:00mm

dc = double crochet      *  *  rep what is in between the stars
sc = single crochet        st = stitch
ss = slip stitch               sp = space
ch = chain                      cnr = corner

Remember that the numbers on the video correspond to the numbers on the written pattern.

The Granny Square you are using is on my YouTube and the link is in the info box.
Below is the Pattern for the square.

Caron Simply Soft
Hook 5:00mm
Size about 5 inches
Chain = ch, Stitch = st, Double Crochet = dc, Single Crochet = sc, Chain Space = ch sp, Space = sp, Slip Stitch = st, Treble = tr,
4Tr cluster = Yarn over twice, hook into stitch, yarn over and draw up a loop, (yarn over and draw through 2 loops) twice, do this for 4 trebles and at end yarn over and draw through all the loops (5) on hook
1. Ch 7, ss in first ch to form a ring

2. 2ch, 11sc in ring (=12sc), ss into 2nd ch from beg 2 ch

3. Ch5, dc in next st, *Ch3, dc in next st* repeat in between stars till 12dc, ss into 3rd ch, ss into space

4. Ch 4, 3 treble clusters in same sp (do cluster this beg one the ch 4 stands as the first tr and you have 4 loops on hook), ch 5
4 tr cluster in same sp, ch 5 all around till 12 clusters, ss in top of cluster

5. Change color and ss into space, 6sc in each space

6. 3ch, 2dc, 3ch, 3dc all in same space (Corner made), *skip next st, 1dc in next, skip next, 1dc in next, till you have made 8dc, make a corner in next stitch (3dc 3ch, 3dc)* , repeat stars till 4 corners made and 8 dc take you to the end.( You have 3 spaces where you made the 6sc(row 5) where you are making the 8dc over these 3 and then you make your corner)
 (In other words You are making a cnr above the first petal, then you make 8dc over 2 more petals and above the 4th petal you make another cnr, then you make another 8 dc over the next 2 petals and above the 7th petal you make another cnr, make another 8dc over another 2 petals and above the 10th petal you make another corner and then make another 8dc till you get to the beginning cnr and you ss to the beg ch3)

1.  Depending on what size jacket you make and how many rows of squares you make will depend on how many squares you will need. For the jacket that I made I used 110 squares.

The small is using 2 for the left front, 2 for the right front and 4 for the back, so that is a strip of 8 motifs and you can make it however long you want your jacket (I went up 6 strips)

The medium (the one shown on the video) uses 2.5 for the front left, and 2.5 for the front right and the back used 4 plus the 2 halves left from the 2 front motifs. So that makes a strip of 10 motifs and I made 6 strips of 10 for my length.

The large is using 3 for the left front and 3 for the right front and 6 for the back so that is a strip of 12 and also going up 6 or longer

You can measure your square and multiply it by however many you make in a strip so if it is a 5 inch square and you are making the smaller jacket you would say 8 squares multiplie by 5 inches and that would give you 40 inches around your body. Measure over your hips and see how it will fit, remember you want it bigger as you don't want it to fit tight like a skirt, you will want some space for it to flow

Make sure your sleeve border has the same amount of stitches as each other and do the same thing as you do for the centre front.

2.  Placing your sleeves

3.  Medium sleeve - showing you how to sew the triangle part on

4.  Other 2 sizes triangle

5. Neck Border - start with the right side of your work facing you and ch 3, 1dc in each stitch so that your work lies flat. At the first join - you sc 3 together, 1dc in each of the next stitches, next join, you sc 2 together, 1dc in each of the next stitches, and do the same thing going back down the neck, go all the way around your jacket with dc

6. 2nd round, 1 dc in each and where you decreased you decrease again, both times only 2sc together, go all the way around jacket again

7. Sewing part of the neck

8. Do as many rows all the way around your jacket of dc, as you want, and very last row = Ch3, *3dc in next st, ss, in the next 3 stitches* repeat this all the way around, except do 4dc instead of ch3 and 3dc

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