Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to Crochet a Choker

 Hi, there,

This is a fairly easy choker to crochet. I hope you have fun making it.

Sc = single crochet,  ss= slip stitch,  dc = double crochet,  sp = space,  ch = chain,  rep = repeat,  beg = beginning, ** repeat in between stars
Any Embroidery Cotton
Hook, size 3.5

Pattern = 6 stitches, so multiples of 6 for your foundation ch

This choker is 13.5 inches in length, so I have 13 x 6 stitches (pattern) which gives me 78 ch plus 1 to turn = 79 stitches

1.   Ch 79 (78 plus 1), turn

2.   Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch = 78sc

For row 3 - On the video I said to ch1 turn and then ch3 (It was supposed to be ch1, turn and sc in 1st sc, I left out the sc , it isn’t going to make a big difference they will both work so either way)

3.   Ch1, sc in 1st sc, *ch3 skip 2sc, 3dc in next sc (3dc in same stitch), ch3, skip 2sc, sc in next sc* rep this till last 3dc, ch3 and sc1  in last sc

4.   *5ch, sc in 1st dc (of the 3),
Ch3, ss in the 1st ch of the 3 (picot made) x3 (make 3 picots one after each other)
Sc in the 3rd dc (of the 3)*  repeat this till end and end with the sc, then ch2 and dc in the sc below

Sew a button on.

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