Friday, May 17, 2013


Hi there!

I decided to make some earrings as I had never made them before and they turned out really well.  I love wearing them and they look good, so I decided to share them with you and hope you feel the same way. So here is the link to my You Tube Channel and if you need any help feel free to ask me.  Have an awesome day!

Made using Embroidery Thread and size 3.5mm hook
Sc = single crochet,  Dc = double crochet,  Sp = space,  Tr = treble,  St = stitch, 
Ch = chain,  * * = work all in between the stars,  Tog = together,  yo – yarn over, ss = slip stitch

1.    Make a magic circle (with a ch1)

2.     sc in the ring, ch3 (x5) so you have 5 petals, ss into the 1st sc

3.    Change colors here (I have a separate video showing you how to change colors) - Sc in the same sc, ch2,* ( dc in the ch3 space, ch2 -  do this parenthesis  x4 so you have 4dc, don’t include the ch2), sc in the 3rd ch of the 3ch sp and sc in the 1st ch of the next 3ch sp, ch2*, repeat that in between the stars so you have 5 completed petals

4.    Sc in 3rd ch of the 3ch sp, but don’t end off yet we need to add our silver piece that goes into the ear

5.    The sc that you made, stretch it out so that you can thread that stitch into the hole in the silver hoop.  Keep that stitch and put hook into the stitch and ch1 and sc into the bottom of the 1st petal.

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