Saturday, April 20, 2013

Natural Carbonated Soda's part 1

I absolutely love the carbonation in soda's.  I think I have figured out why.  Keep reading and I will let you know my findings!

Okay, so, I have ordered 3 different cultures (no, not people, lol) cultures as in eating and drinking.
I have ordered Kombucha culture, Water Kefir Grains, and Milk Kefir Grains.  What on earth is that, you may ask.

 Well the Kombucha culture is a living organism that you add tea and sugar to and it grows and makes you a delicious drink.  You have to let it sit on your kitchen cabinet for a day or so and it produces all natural probiotics and yeasts that your body needs.  Gives you a healthy flora in your stomach. This is what it looks like. I always tell people you can't say you don't like it until you try it.  This actually gets to have some fizz like  carbonated soda as well.  There are many different recipes you can try out to make different flavors.

So the reason I was saying I love carbonation is that I am probably needing to get my inner flora more balanced. When you take antibiotics, or just eating in our society now a days, you unbalance your flora inside and need the good bacteria and yeasts to balance you.  This is one way that you can do it.  I will post more on the milk kefir and water kefir later on.  The water kefir can be very carbonated when you make the drink and add your syrup and let it sit on the counter for a few days.  It gets really fizzy.  I will continue with this post on another article.  This is part 1 and the others will be part 2 etc.  I also made a sourdough bread starter from scratch and I made mine gluten free.  I haven't tried it in normal flour but will keep you posted. Have you ever heard of a niacin flush, oh my goodness I took niacin (vit b3) and gosh it was quite and experience - motto of that story is I need to start slooooooowww (take less initially) will tell you about that as well!
Well will get back to my blog later this week and keep you updated on my Healthy Home!

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